Chronology of Schools for People of Color in Colquitt County, Georgia


This Information was obtained from the Public Library in Moultrie, Georgia.  The information is not intended to

be gospel and may be incorrect in some instances.  If you see any errors in this  information, please notify the

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1873     Colquitt County Schools began with 1st school commissioner, Mr. R. E. Watkins.

1883     Average daily attendance: 303 students; cost of annual operation, $793; school term: 3 or 4 months


1887     17 teachers employed by the school system; $67.20 the average teacher salary for the

school term

1894     First school built in Doerun

1898    Moultrie established an independent city school system


1897     Colquitt County School system owned 8 one/two room school buildings with a total value of $1030; 28 other

            school buildings were privately owned. There were 1574 white and 212 Negro students. Total expenditures for

            the year $3756 for an average of $2.10 per pupil. Of this, the state paid $.58 per pupil

1900    Fifty-eight one/two room schools in county

1900     Norman Institute built (private Baptist preparatory school)

1903     Moultrie High School 1st graduating class: 5 female students


1904    Moultrie Public Schools' first brick school built (on site of Stringfellow Elem) was called

Central Grammer School

1905      City properly taxes raised $2370 in revenues for schools

1905     County was divided into school districts


1908      Colquitt County School system had 46 white and 10 Negro schools; 2742 white and 381

Negro students; 5 month school term

1913      First Moultrie High School football team

1914     New building for MHS (on Stringfellow site) 11th grade was added and SACS accredited


1914     First MHS baseball and track team.


1919     Consolidation of county schools began. Funston was 1st consolidated school in state with motor

transportation. Most of larger rural schools added high school grades.


1927     Funston was made up of Bay, Kendallwood, Buckhead, Centerville, Funston, and Center Hill schools.

            Ty Ty included Sumner, Cypress Pond, Cross Roads, and Leila schools. Culbertson- Evelyn, Troy,

            Glendale, Kingwood. Norman Park - Lone Star, Rochelle, Horkan, NP. Crosland - Perry and Warrior.

                 Hartsfield - liberty Hill. Berlin-Part of Troy, May, Hempstead, Gay, County line. Sunset - Midway, Murphy,

                Mt Olive. Ellenton­ - Oaky Grove, Baker, Bayboro. Reedy Creek - Union, Stallings. Rose Hill - McNeil, Pine

                Mount, Fields, Collier. Okapilco - Part of Horkan and Rochelle, Sinclair, Old Elm, New Elm, Rocky Ford.

                Doerun - Rose of Sharon, Mt. Sinai, Horne, Ticknor, and Herring.

1920      William Bryant was principal of Moultrie High School for Negro Youth

1920     North Moultrie Elementary School was built 1 st St NE

1921      Doerun expanded to 11 grades; 1 st graduating class of 4 students


1924      Moultrie Public School System was first independent system in state to make provisions for rural students.

                Four classrooms added to MHS to make room for county students (referred to "The Barn'').

1924       Norman Institute extended to two year college

1928       Moultrie High School constructed at a cost of $80,000 (Arts Center). W.H. Barber gave the land.

1933       Colquitt County rural teacher average salary was $45 per month; 6 month school term.


1935       Under the leadership of Miss Ethel Adams, Moultrie High School was one of 33 high school in 11 states

                 selected by SACS to participate in a national program to improve curriculum.

1935      10th and 11th grades added to Moultrie High School for Negro Youth.

1937       New high school building completed for MHS for NY; the Rosenwall building.


1938      American Council on Education invited MHS and four other public high schools in United States to participate

                in study of training teachers in service.

1939       Moultrie High School newspaper, "Pack-Q-News", started by journalism class

1939       Gym built at MHS

1943       Doerun School became part of Colquitt County School System

1947     Look magazine named MHS one of top 16 high schools in United States

1947       Norman Park High School began (rented space from Norman College); 266 students grades 8-11

1952      Twelfth grade added to high schools

1952      $1,620,000 allocated to Colquitt County for strategically locating new permanent  buildings for schools


1954      Frank R. Pidcock unit of MHS build at a cost of $625,000 (presently WJWMS); 9th grade housed in old MHS

                building (Arts Center)

1954      Mack Tharpe Memorial stadium built; cost $100,000

1955      Moultrie Public Schools: 5000 students, 8 permanent buildings valued at $4,000,000. Total operating expenses $647,530.

1956      Norman Park High School built


1956      Colquitt County School System: 2 high schools (Doerun and Norman Park) 16 elementary schools (Autreyville,

                Baypole, Berlin, Crosland, Culbertson, Doerun, Ellenton, Funston, Hartsfield, Norman Park, Okapilco, Reedy Creek,

                Riverside, Rose Hill, set, Ty Ty); 174 teachers, 5112 students; total operating expenses $970,957.89 or  

                 $189.94 per pupil; average annual teacher salary $2704.

1958       R. B Wright school constructed at $204,000.

1958     Cox Elementary built; $198,000.

1960     MHS for NY became William Bryant HS


1968       Residents of Moultrie voted to abandon city school system; merged with county. All schools in the county governed

                by Colquitt County Board of Education.

1970      Integration of schools: William Bryant High School building housed 8th grade students.


1973     Colquitt County School System: Benin, Central, Cox, Culbertson, Doerun (Elem. and HS), Funston, Gray, Hamilton,

                Norman Park. (Elem and HS), Okapi co, Reedy Creek, Sunset, Veered, Wright, Junior High 8th grade,

                Junior High 9th grade, Moultrie High School

1976      17 schools, approx 4000 students and 400 teachers, operating budget of SB.2 million

1978      Colquitt County High School built $4,000,000; consolidated Doerun, Norman Park. and Moultrie High Schools; grades 10-12


1995     Colquitt County High School became a 9 -12 high school. Colquitt County Junior High School became

            Willie J. Williams Middle School. CA Gray and Williams Middle Schools grades 6-8

2001     9th grade center constructed at CCHS.


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